• Emily Jay

Do they want to see me fail?

The other day I seen a post on one of the groups that I am apart of on Facebook. This was the post.

"Dose it get you down when your friends/family don't support your business? Even my good friends don't like, share or comment on my posts & I am finding it hard not to get upset about it. Is anyone else in the same boat?"

It got me thinking (of course) about whether or not it is expected as a close friend/family member to do this. My thoughts went in 2 different directions. The first being that if you have good friends they should want you to succeeded. Therefore they should be proud to share, like comment on your social posts. You know friends supporting friends, women uplifting women. That sort of thing. Then I started to think, well maybe that's just expecting too much of someone that doesn't understand the running of a small business. Maybe they don't know that sharing, liking, commenting on a post actually gets the social algorithm working for you. Therefore more people seeing your posts, that will hopefully in time lead to sales. I am sure that if they understood all of this they would be supporting you. Why wouldn't they?

I think owning & running a business is on of the hardest things I have done. You are constantly thinking about ways to improve, how to create more sales, how to get your brand out there. You don't need the extra pressure of over thinking about who didn't like or share your post. It's a mind game that can really get you down. Think about the positives & even explain to your friends how algorithms work (you can even share this blog on your socials if you wanted to be more discrete). Your friends are your friends for a reason. It's unlikely that they want to see you fail. Let's not be naive though, of course there will be people out there that want to see you fail & fall. Generally you will never know who these people are, so why bother yourself with this negative, pointless thinking?

Have faith in your friends & family, educate them & be positive. Most people want to see your success.

Food for thought....

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