• Emily Jay

How many of you would relate to this…

I obviously run a small business & love to support other small businesses. However, there is one thing that is stopping sales to our small businesses – K-Mart. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE K-Mart & can not help myself when I go in there. Sometimes I even find myself just browsing the store from corner to corner for no particular reason

If you are on a budget it is really hard to ignore the price difference between a cushion form K-Mart & a cushion from a boutique. Am I correct? If you don’t care about quality & the uniqueness of the product of course you are going to purchase the K-Mart one. And let me tell you, you will not be the only one with that cushion. Half of Australia probably has it. It’s a tough decision & if you are like me you are constantly having this debate every time you see a beautiful boutique with a bloody amazing cushion.

So I ask you to consider the amount of work, soul & dedication that goes into a small business & to support us where you can. Even if it’s a once year purchase that you consciously make like purchasing that to-die-for throw or after paying that gorgeous unique handbag. You could simply share their Facebook posts, repost a beautiful image or comment something nice on their profile. Every little bit helps & encourages us to do better & carry on.

My last blog told you all that I was going to try & purchase all gifts for the entire year based on small business. I am happy to say that I am achieving this & have not overspent either. 2 words GIFT VOUCHERS! If your local or online boutique don’t advertise that they do gift vouchers, send them an email (or ask in person). I can almost guarantee that they will provide them. No matter your budget, there is always a gift voucher that will cover it.

Food for thought…

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