(Spray Tan on Sherry Cotham for Plush Hair & Make-up)

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(Spray Tan on Ella Van Steers for City Beach & Topanga Swim)


*****Please note that I will be on maternity leave until 

July 2020. If you are wanting to book in a tan from July onward please send me a text or email & I will respond as soon as I can.*****


Emily Jay Tanning is located in Morningside (Brisbane's Southside). We pride ourselves on quality & affordability.


Our tans are 2hr tans that do not go patchy or orange. We only use Nikki Mitchell & Bondi Sands Solutions. Our tans will last up to 10 days with correct care. We do recommend purchasing the Nikki Mitchell Tan Extender if you wish to prolong the life of your tan. They can be purchased via our website (under Tanning Products) and picked up at your next appointment or ask Emily when you are in the Salon. 


Bookings are essential by phone or text message to

0401 211 375.


We know how important looking your best is for a special occasions & is why we take so much pride in getting your tan exactly the way you want. We recommend having 2 trial sprays before the main event. This way we can customise the solution each time to reach the perfect shade for your big day. We offer Formal & Bridal packages consisting of up to 4 tans. Please text or call for current prices. 


We recommend using the Nikki Mitchell Tanning Solution for any photo shoot. This solution will never go orange & has a beautiful long lasting deep natural finish. We can also customise the solution to reach the desired tone. 



When you get a spray tan you will leave instantly tanned - this is from the 'bronzer' in the tanning solution. This will defiantly not be your tans end result. Once the bronzer is washed off after 2hrs you will no longer see this colour. All tans will take 24 hours to fully develop after showering., 


Thoroughly exfoliate the night before and the morning of your tan.

Eyebrow tinting it to be done at least 24hrs before your appointment

Any hair removal is to be done 24 hours prior. Please do not shave just before your tan. Shaving can encourage your skin to produce natural oils witch can effect the tan. Shave as far away from the tan as possible.

 If washing your hair or shaving before your tanning appointment please make sure you exfoliate after these activities to ensure any conditioner and/or moisturiser is completely removed.

After your last shower before your appointment do not apply any moisturiser or deodorant. Moisturiser can act as a barrier and deodorant can react with the spray tan and turn green. 

What you wear during your appointment is up to you. If it is your first tan and you are a little nervous you can wear swimwear but most people wear g-stings with a thin line because what ever underwear you have on, is what tan line you will have after. Men please wear underwear or boxers.


Wear or bring dark, loose-fitting clothing to change into at the end of your tan. Tanning solutions wash out of most clothes very easily but may stain some materials. 


Avoid anything which may exfoliate your skin such as long, hot baths, exposure to chlorinated water, or exfoliating gloves or sponges.

Wait a minimum of 12 hours before you moisturise and moisturise morning and night for the life of your tan.

A spray tan will last 7-10 days depending on your skin and your at home maintenance.



We happily accept male spray tanning appointments.
We ask all men to bring their own underwear or shorts to be tanned in. 


  • Studio Original or Extra Dark Solution - $30

  • Extra Coat (for even darker results) - $10 extra

$6.95 flat rate shipping within Australia

Pick-up from Morningside, QLD

Now shipping to New Zealand $15 .95 flat rate

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