The Sensitive Sleep


As a certified advanced sleep consultant, I am passionate about all things sleep related in infants, toddlers and children. I welcome all types of parenting styles and are very open minded toward family dynamics, religion and beliefs. I offer online consults (available worldwide) and in person consults in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. I hold a Blue Card and have my qualifications through The Sensitive Sleep Institute. 


Having a toddler myself (and a baby on the way) I know of the struggles that families can be faced with. It's my job to make these struggles easier and support you through the difficulties you may be experiencing with sleep. 

Being a parent is not easy, however it can be made more enjoyable with the right tools, information and of course sleep. It's my ambition to provide you with the knowledge and tools to assist you in being able to enjoy each other without feeling constantly tired, exhausted and rundown.  

Before signing up to one of my plans I provide a free no obligation 10min phone consult. This will help you to get a better idea of what is involved and a feel for our bond prior to signing up to one of my packages. Make the booking simply by clicking below.